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Your Ad Here holding their contest to celebrate their birthday on September 30th. They have got some exciting prizes to all their internet friends. This contest will end on October 15th, so you can gain more entries to increase your chance of winning. This contest is collaboration with their friend, Matthew at (Ps: His sons birthday is on Sept 29th).

You can do following to enter the contest:

Prizes you can win:

Special Prize:

  • Aaron Abber at are sponsoring One year private membership site (Valued at $324), All you need to do to win this Special Prize is become Top User at starting Sept 25Th until Oct 15th.

The winner will be announce on Oct 17th 2008.

Pratinjau holding their contest "Mattheosis Entrecard Advert Olympics". Everyone from Entrecard should be excited. Entrecard is a great service for us bloggers. Every qualifying contestant is a winner in this game, however there is the Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners as well.

1st Place Gold:

  • 1000 Entrecard Credits
  • 31 days of Front page Ad Space in October
  • Permanent Winner's Post Ad Space Listed by Entrecard Category
2nd Place Silver:
  • 500 Entrecard Credits
  • 15 days of Front page Ad Space in October
  • Permanent Winner's Post Ad Space Listed by Entrecard Category
3rd Place Bronze:
  • 250 Entrecard Credits
  • 7 days of Front page Ad Space in October
  • Permanent Winner's Post Ad Space Listed by Entrecard Category
All Qualifying Contestants
  • Permanent Winner's Post Ad Space Listed by Entrecard Category

How to Qualify?
  1. Apply for advert space on this blog through Entrecard. Your ad has to be placed before the end of the month.
  2. Drop your Entrecard.
  3. Comment 2 times. Once on this post, and once on a post of your choice. Use the same link to your blog that is an adverted through Entrecard to verify who you are. Remember, I follow links.
  4. Do a favor and sign up to my RSS feed via email or Reader. This will aid you in helping you know when an article has been posted so you can comment on it.

How to Win?
  1. Be a qualifying contestant
  2. The number of times you dropped your Entrecard plus the number of times you comment will equal the winners circle (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). Top # Drops + Top # Comments = Winners' Circle
  3. Finally, because this is an Entrecard Contest, if you tie in the winners' circle, the order of your placement will be determined by the RSS Feed order of Entrecard's Top Droppers. So, it will pay to be the first one to drop your card in a day
This contest will end on September 30th 2008.


OODA Blogoversary Contest (09/27/08)

Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/25/2008
Main Entries: | 1 comment(s) » started Out of Debt Again on September 27th, 2007 ago, so this year anniversary winners is coming up soon. In celebration, They going to run a contest until midnight PST Saturday, September 27th, 2008. The winners will be notified by email.


1st Place: $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon
2nd Place: $15 Gift Certificate to CafePress
3rd Place: $10 cash via Revolution Money Exchange

How to Win

It's simple to enter. You will be entered and earn one point simply by commenting to this blog post. I'll put your name down on my list for one point. You can earn more chances for winning by these methods.

Ways to Earn Extra Points

  1. Subscribe via Feedburner (3 entry points)
  2. Post about this contest on your blog; let me know you've done that by post a comment to this post and include the URL to the post (5 entry points)
  3. Add me to the blogroll on your site (6 entry points)


5000 Entrecard Credits Gateway

Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/25/2008
Main Entries: | 0 comment(s) » holding their first big Entrecard giveaway. I'm going to give away a total of 5,000 points to several lucky readers. This will end on Wednesday, September 24th, at 9PM CST! You can leave comments up until 9PM CST, but after that then they have to pick the winners. It's so easy since all you have to do is just leave a comment to get an entry. If you want more entries, then write a post linking to their blog and this contest to get 3 more entries.

They'll using to pick the winners. Good luck and have fun! Here are the prizes below:

Grand Prize: 2,000 EC
1st Runner Up: 1,500 EC
2nd Runner Up: 1,000 EC
3rd Runner Up: 500 EC


Win $1000 at GH Fever (11/18/08)

Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/25/2008
Main Entries: , , , , , | 0 comment(s) » holding their contest. They have decided to kick this contest off early, because a few members have complained that December 1st is cutting it too close to Christmas. So this contest begins on September 18th, 2008 and will end on November 18th, 2008. It’s a 2 month contest where you will have many chances to get more entries in.

They’ll be using to choose the winners, and hopefully more prizes will be added throughout the next two months. Here is how you can earn entries:

At the moment, these are the only entry options, but THERE WILL BE MORE, so please check back frequently.


Giveaway Over $250 (10/10/08)

Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/23/2008
Main Entries: | 1 comment(s) » was going to holding a great prize contest. Competition starts immediately. Comments already posted on their site are valid.

Prizes :

1st place - $200 USD
2nd Place - $25 USD
3rd Place - $15 USD
4th Place - $10 USD
5th Place - $1.37 USD

Competition rules:

1 comment = 1 point

Referencing their website in a post on your Blog with a link = 5 points

Posting a single post on your blog solely about the competition with a link = 10 points

Spamming will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Commenting is highly encouraged so unless it is blatant spam or a +1 or something along those lines it will be a valid comment. Talking back and forth with each other is acceptable, talking to yourself is not.

Competition will end 00:00:01 10 Oct 2008 Iraq time +3 GMT


Win an iPhone (09/30/08)

Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/23/2008
Main Entries: | 0 comment(s) » holding the contest to give you an iPhone, you should join this contest. The rules are simple. Write a blog post on your own blog linking back to Leave a comment to let they know that you’ve entered and a winner will be selected at random at the end of this month.

If the competition is successful and They'll able to attract enough links the iPhone giveaway will be repeated every month.

Remember, you have to be in it to win it so get linking.