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Glitch’s 1st Anniversary Contest (09/30/08)

Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/21/2008
Main Entries: | 0 comment(s) » holding their 1st Anniversary Contest. Since this month is 1st year anniversary, They don’t have much to give but a domain name and link ads. If your blog provider is blogspot, this is your chance to have your own domain. Your chosen domain name depends on the availability.

Prizes at stake:
1st prize - a domain name (convertible to cash)
2nd price - 125×125 ad at Mobile eBooks for 1 month
3rd price - 125×125 ad at glitchline for 1 month
4th prize - txt link ad at Mobile eBooks for 1 month
5th prize - txt link ad at glitchline for 1 month


  1. Blog about the contest indicating the prizes and link to this post, a link to Mobile eBooks Etc and to glitchline = 6 points
  2. Blog your reaction on any post you find relevant on your blog with a link to that post from mobile eBooks and glitchline = 4 points (minimum 100 words and don’t copy my post)
  3. Comment on any of my posts on Mobile eBooks and glitchline = 1 point (Comments are moderated, post a relevant comment and you earn a point)

Blog should be a “legitimate” blog.
Winners will be announced on October 1, 2008.
No follow links will not earn you points.
Comment to the post if you joined the contest.
Bloggers who want to donate prizes on this small contest are welcome and will be acknowledge on this post.


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