Your Ad Here - If you have noticed, finally, my new domain is now working, the transition period is finished and it's now accessible by everybody -- hopefully :-). So, to to celebrate, I am hosting my first ever blog giveaway! And what better way to do it than to have a giveaway which is close to my heart.

I have been an avid reader of Good Housekeeping magazine (Philippine Edition), although, to be honest, I don’t subscribe to this magazine, I just buy it monthly, but I never miss a single issue since 2001, so, you can just imagine how many issues I’ve accumulated over the years. There was even a time when I was buying 4 kinds of magazines every month, Real Living, Working Mom, Entrepreneur and GH, but when I realized that they were already taking so much cut from my family’s monthly budget, I decided to just continue buying GH and stop the rest.

I really enjoy reading it from cover to cover, I get lots of tips, ideas and the articles are really very helpful. I have learned a lot from their issues because their articles are really very informative. As a Mom, the tips and ideas in this magazine have helped me a lot in running my household, in dealing with lots of things from as mundane as organizing my cabinets, to big production as general house cleaning. I also got tips here on dealing with tantrums, be it toddler tantrums or pre-schooler tantrums, or even grade-schooler tantrums. So I would like to share all these things to you. Although of course, I’m sure, some of you are also avid readers of this magazine, but still, it wouldn’t hurt to get a FREE subscription of this magazine for one whole year, right?

Yes, you got it right, I’m giving away ONE YEAR subscription of the Good Housekeeping (Philippines Edition)magazine as I launch and celebrate my new domain! Isn’t it amazing?

But, I won’t leave out my online friends from outside the Philippines, because I will be giving away US$15.00 in lieu of the GH subscription just in case the winner will come from other country.

So, What's at Stake Here?

One winner:
- One-Year subscription of Good Housekeeping Magazine if the winner is from the Philippines or US$15.00 to be credited to Paypal Account for International winner
- 1,500 EC credits
- free one month 125x125 ads on my site

5 winners of free one month 125 x 125 ads on my site
100 EC credits to the first 30 participants.

The following are the mechanics:
Add my blog ( to your blogroll = 2 entries
Leave a comment here = 2 entries


  1. You can fave me in Technorati = 4 entries
  2. You can subscribe to my Feed = 4 entries
  3. You can write a blog post on your blog linking back to my contest = 3 entries
  4. You can do all these for a total of 18 entries (3 bonus entries)!
Leave me a comment to inform me of all the things that you did to enter this contest. The winners will be chosen using Random.Org. Entries will be accepted until Midnight of 5 October and winners will be posted here on 8 October.

I'm using Mr. Linky here to easily track the participants so be sure to fill it up below.

As soon as this celebration is finished, I will add to my blogroll all those who have participated. GOOD LUCK!

For those with more than 1 blog, you can enter the contest through all your other blogs, to earn more entries!!!

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