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Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/16/2008
Main Entries: | 0 comment(s) » - I have yet to make a contest from my blog and I thought it would be a good time to start.

Blog contest rules

1. well you need to reply to this post... not so hard huh :)
2. And I would like for everyone to apply to my RSS feed... not so hard huh :)

The main reason I am doing this because you all know I made a big booboo with my RSS feed a while back and had the RSS feed going to 'Lord knows where', I know I have many readers from before and they probably wondered why my RSS feed never worked... well I'm still a bit fuzzy about it but it seems to be working now YAY!

I have 2 readers I am so proud of I could just sqeeeeeze the heck outta them. The same goes for you!

So here it goes, I am giving away 5000 entrecards when my RSS feed hits 100 or when the 30 days pass from today either or....

I need your name though, do add a howdy doody to this post and tell me about you and your blog and if you joined my RSS feed or however you want to talk to me is all up to you.

I'm rooting for you!

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