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Giveaway Over $250 (10/10/08)

Posted by Kranjcarz | 9/23/2008
Main Entries: | 1 comment(s) » was going to holding a great prize contest. Competition starts immediately. Comments already posted on their site are valid.

Prizes :

1st place - $200 USD
2nd Place - $25 USD
3rd Place - $15 USD
4th Place - $10 USD
5th Place - $1.37 USD

Competition rules:

1 comment = 1 point

Referencing their website in a post on your Blog with a link = 5 points

Posting a single post on your blog solely about the competition with a link = 10 points

Spamming will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Commenting is highly encouraged so unless it is blatant spam or a +1 or something along those lines it will be a valid comment. Talking back and forth with each other is acceptable, talking to yourself is not.

Competition will end 00:00:01 10 Oct 2008 Iraq time +3 GMT


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1 comment(s)

  1. hank // 26 September 2008 at 07:53  

    Good contest, I signed up myself and saw your link on it - Just an FYI, I'm crossing my 1 year blogiversary myself and giving away $300 in cash and prizes if you want in on that as well! ;)

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